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Bitton Orange Jelly

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Bitton orange jelly might seem like a wildcard, but it should be a staple. Oh, the things you can do with it!

Size: 190ml

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David Bitton calls this product "a beautiful mistake!" but we fail to see exactly where anything went wrong. Bitton Orange Jelly is divine on all manner of sweet and savoury dishes, and it only contains three beautiful ingredients! It's a lovely, fruity syrup with caramel overtones: the perfect glaze for a chicken or ham, a wonderful sweet dressing for earthy vegetables like beetroot, a worthy topping for a sharp cheese. And then there are the dessert applications: crepes, anyone? Puddings, ice-cream, fruit salads, a modern twist on a creme brulee. The list goes on. Just try not to eat it straight out of the jar.