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Bitton Citrus Honey with Sea Salt

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Citrus Honey with Sea Salt

A fresh, zesty and extremely and versatile syrupy honey that complements sweet and savoury dishes with equal enthusiasm. 

Size: 190ml

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Salty and sweet: we already know it's a winner, what with culinary crazes like salted caramel doing the rounds. But add a bit of citrusy zest to the mix and you'll never go back. Bitton Citrus Honey with Sea Salt should be compulsory in foodie domains worldwide. It's created with pure Aussie honey, organic sea salt and orange rinds to satiate sugar, salt and summer cravings simultaneously. Top your crepes with it, glaze your meats with it, have it for breakfast with natural yoghurt or ricotta and fresh fruits. Here's a tip from David Bitton himself: cook chicken wings in the oven coated with Citrus Honey with Sea Salt and you'll get a fabulous crispy and caramelised skin.