Cheapest Wholesale Prices On Bulk Lollies

After gathering loads of experience in the candy buffet and party industry over the years, the kind folk at Candy Bar Sydney have a great handle on how things work. We know what brides want in their candy buffet and we can get it all to the church on time. We understand how to cater fantastic large-scale candy buffets for events complete with all sorts of weird and wonderful colour and theme provisos. We can whip up an unbeatable supply of decorations for just about any type of venue with our eyes closed. Lolly art is also fun to cater for: if your ultimate dream is to create the largest rock candy mosaic in Australia, you need only get in touch. We happily sell our wholesale lollies and themed party supplies to friendly retailers and creative candy visionaries in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and even further afield.


A great desire of ours is to help other candy retailers, online specialty lolly shops, party shops, and wedding venues build up their businesses. After all, the more parties and weddings there are, the better! And everyone is in a very happy place when candy consumption soars.


We’ve developed wholesale and trade accounts for high volume lolly sales and repeat transactions at our Sydney lolly warehouse. Naturally, bulk purchases attract very nice discounts on box, carton, and pallet rates. If you’re looking at buying confectionery or party supplies in bulk, you’ll have a hard time beating our box rate anywhere else in Australia. But what makes Candy Bar Sydney stand out the most as a great choice for wholesale confectionery and party supplies? Our super-friendly and very helpful service.


After gaining a huge amount of industry experience, we now get a rush from helping other businesses make the best lolly and party supply selections, keeping their supplies well-stocked, and giving great advice. Our trade and repeat clients get wholesale prices with the experience and the service you’d expect from a retailer. Candy Bar Sydney encourages wedding venues, party shops, lolly shops, and other sweet businesses to get in touch and we’d love to reward your repeat business and bulk wholesale purchases with some very sweet supply and service benefits.