The Beginnings of Bitton

It all started with a recipe for strawberry and vanilla jam … passed down from Grandmother to Grandson.


Photo of David Bitton
David Bitton

David Bitton was born in Paris and became passionate about food at an early age by watching his mother lovingly and regularly cook for family and friends.  She would often cook theatrically to the delight of David and his 2 brothers watching on. In Summer they feasted on the fruit beared from a small orchard in their back yard and she would preserve for the harsher Winter months. 


Leaving home at just 15 with a fire in his belly to see the world, David began his apprenticeship as a chef in La Colombes, Paris in 1984.  His training then took him to the glamorous setting of Cannes where he worked in many fine dining establishments including the famous Carlton Intercontinental.  It is here where he met a group of Australians who gave him a taste for travel to the other side of the world.  


David Bitton arrived in Sydney on Anzac Day in 1991 with one suitcase and $1000 in his pocket.  He headed straight for The Treasury restaurant at The Intercontinental. It was here that he met his future wife and business partner, Sohani. In 1996 David became the Head Chef of Gekko Restaurant and it was during these 3 years that he made his mark on the Sydney restaurant scene.

Bitton Cafe


In 2000 both David and Sohani left their corporate careers to start a small coffee shop in Alexandria – Bitton.  Simultaneously and from demand for the products they were making for the menu in their café, the Bitton product range was born. This was the beginning of their amazing success story.  Bitton now has a product range of over 20 products sold nationally and internationally.  The range of David Bitton oils, spice pastes, jams and other gourmet condiments are a reflection of David’s own French training, his Grandmother’s Moroccan heritage and his wife Sohani’s South African Indian background. The result is simply “5 star gourmet” in a jar. Bitton now boasts two cafes with Bitton Oatley opening in May 2016.

Bitton’s range of chutneys and sauces
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