Smokin’ Stubb’s BBQ Sauces: A Texan Recipe for Love and Happiness

CB Stubblefield holding bottles of his BBQ sauce
‘Stubbs’ holding bottles of the good stuff


If you thought that a 2016 Aussie backyard BBQ was as simple as throwing another prawn on, you’ve got another think coming. The grilling game has changed in the Land Down Under, all thanks to our barbecue buddies in the USA. If there is one thing Australians can all agree on, it’s that sweet and spicy southern American barbecue is legendary. Melbourne can’t get enough of Texas Bar-B-Q and the Sydney BBQ scene is smouldering for delicious hot sauce and smoked meat that’s so tender it falls off the bone. Our only question for BBQ fanatics is: what took Australia so long to join the party?


Let’s take a look at Texas barbecue and its regional peculiarities. We’ll show you how these mouth-watering meats are traditionally prepared and exactly which scrumptious sauces you need to get onto your BBQ tables, stat.


Texas BBQ began with meat smoking traditions brought to the USA by German and Czech settlers and quickly became a smokin’ sensation. When President Lyndon Johnson dared to host a state dinner with a barbecue theme, the world paid attention. Nowadays, there’s the famous Texas Barbecue Trail, and let us tell you, it’s a gratifying and toothsome adventure.


Now it’s time to introduce an unlikely hero: Mr. C. B. Stubblefield from Lubbock, Texas, nicknamed “Stubb”. This remarkable man with his cotton pickin’ roots learnt to cook like no other in down-to-earth local establishments. His restaurant was frequented by famous musicians, presidents and American celebrities. He’s responsible for the legendary Stubb’s Bar-B-Q sauces. They’re Texas through and through, and they’re like liquid gold. Stubb’s sauces are now so fervently coveted in the United States and beyond that they invited him to talk on the Letterman show. When Letterman asked Stubb what made his BBQ sauces so delicious, his earthy reply was “love and happiness”.  A nation fell in love that night and the rest of the world followed suit.


You can divide Texas BBQ into four regional styles. In East Texas, they treat that meat real fine, cooking it lovingly over a hickory wood surface until it melts off the bone. It’s traditionally presented with sweet, tomato based sauces like Stubb’s Hickory Bourbon BBQ sauce.


They like things thicker in the deep south, which is why many traditional southern sauces are sweet and feature gooey molasses. Here’s a killer BBQ sauce that’s meant for southern fare: Stubb’s Sticky Sweet, oozing with apple, molasses, brown sugar, tomato and cider.


Western Texas does things a bit differently: they slow cook their beef over mesquite wood with direct heat. It’s hot, smoky and fabulous. If you want to stay in regional character, serve your West Texas inspired barbecue meats with Stubb’s Smokey Mesquite sauce.


In the centre of Texas town, they’re into spicy barbecue rubs with sauces on the side for dipping. Stubb’s Beef Rub and Moppin’ sauce, anyone?
Amber Road is so enthused about the appetising flavours and layers of Stubb’s American BBQ sauces and rubs, we had to bring them onto the BBQ scene in Melbourne and Sydney at once. We gleefully welcomed all the Stubb’s marinades, rubs and cooking sauces into our warehouse, plus plenty of other Stubb’s gourmet specialties like liquid smoke, Chipotle butter injector and chicken marinade. If you can’t reach anyone at the warehouse, it’s because we’re out the back having hot sauce tolerance competitions and stuffing our faces with tender Honey Pecan BBQ pork ribs.

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