Our Favourites

Just as the ancient coastal trade route of the same name channelled treasured liquid gold from the Baltic to the Mediterranean, we here at Amber Road have one vision: to channel exotic culinary gold from all corners of the earth to your doorstep, here in the lucky country. This is where to come to stock up on sensational gourmet food, don your apron, light your burners and let your inner Master Chef come to life.

Let’s talk about modern Australian barbecue culture: the fascinating new flavours emerging from American BBQ sauce and spice rubs are game-changers for the average Aussie backyard grill fest. You can thank the likes of brands like Stubbs, Sweet Baby Rays, We Rub You and Bitton for transforming an everyday Bunnings-like BBQ into an internationally-inspired culinary masterpiece. For those who don’t mind a bit of fiery fusion, Tabasco and El Yucateco are paving the way with chilli sauce and hot sauce, and they might even have a few unexpected surprise products in their pockets too (Tabasco chocolate, we’re looking at you).

Then there are the sweet and sophisticated treasures produced both in faraway lands and in our very own backyard. Pashmak (otherwise known as scrumptious Persian fairy floss) from the Australian brand Pariya is perfect for topping your artisan desserts. Exotic maple syrup with surprisingly good infusions can be artfully drizzled over your pancakes or tossed in salads and other savoury dishes for a brand new taste sensation.

The health conscious foodies among you are well catered for at Amber Road: you’ll find innovative healthy snacks and high protein snacks that you’ll be excited to rip into and share with your friends and very sad indeed to finish.

Not all of us look good in an apron, of course, but we all certainly know someone who does. When gratitude is in order, it’s best expressed with exceptional gourmet groceries presented in a big and beautiful basket of joy. Our gift hampers and Christmas hampers contain interesting gourmet brands that will excite and inspire your VIP recipient to whip up something spectacular in the kitchen with minimal effort. Everyone benefits.

Amber Road as you now know it is a modern trade route that’s still paved with gold (of the culinary kind!) – it’s a way for you to get access to the most sophisticated, innovative and flavoursome gourmet food and artisan products for your kitchen with just a few clicks. We’re always happy to give you a hand with your selection and we deliver to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and nationally.